Our belonging.txt-family

artists x activists 2023

Angelina Davydova. RUSSIAN MEDIA IN EXILE [March 2023]. Twitter @angelinadavydov.

Anna Schmidt. PRESS PERSON [June 2023]. Instagram @annart_jao.

Antü Lefiguala. WEICHAFES [April 2023]. andres_mdg@hotmail.com.

Brishkay Ahmed. COVERING THE 2019 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS IN KABUL, AFGHANISTAN [August 2023]. Instagram @brishkay.

Catherine Lorent. NUDE EXPLORER ATLANTIC ISLAND [May 2023]. www.catherinelorent.net.

Emma Bertipaglia. ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENDERS [October 2023]. Instagram @doodles.by.emma10.

Ido Nahari. FINGER-WAGGING* AS A PRAXIS [July 2023]. Instagram @shmatkes.

Iryna Sopilniak. MARCH 3. DAY 8 OF THE WAR [February 2023]. Instagram @irensopilniak.

James Dann. PAKISTAN MOVES FAST [January 2023]. jamesjoeldann@gmail.com.

Vanessa Chisakula. DEMOCRACY CHECK [November 2023]. Instagram @vanessachisakula.

Yun-Pei Hsiung. ONE-MEGAPHONE PROJECT [September 2023]. www.yunpeihsiung.com.


artists x activists 2021

Afroditi Papadopoulou. MUSES [June 2021]. @afroditisart | afroditisart@outlook.com.

Aliaksei Paluyan. COURAGE [November 2021]. @aliaksei_paluyan | aliaksei.paluyan@gmail.com.

Amanda Cliffe. SHADES OF BEAR [February 2021]. @mandy_cliffe | Amanda.cliffe1@gmail.com.

Antü Lefiguala. MARI CHI WEO [July 2021]. andres_mdg@hotmail.com.

Elias Tebogo Maleka. STILL I RISE [October 2021]. isagobokamoso@gmail.com.

Emma Bertipaglia. RESILIENT ARCTIC FOX [December 2021]. @doodles.by.emma10 | emma.berti10@gmail.com.

Erik Marquardt. WALLS [January 2021]. @erikmarquardt | erik@leavenoonebehind.de.

Eva Hajanal Boggioni. PÁJARO AZUL [May 2021]. espacevalparaiso@gmail.com.

IN:BETWEEN COLLECTIVE. IN:BETWEEN XS [September 2021]. @in.between.collective | collective.in.between@gmail.com

Lucas Paeth. SOLIDARITY AT SEA: DROWNING OUT THE SILENCE [Epilogue 2021]. apleipzig@riseup.net.

Mina Faizi. REFUGEEES [Epilogue 2021]. minafaizi197@gmail.com.

Tschepo DD Maponyane. CONSUMED DEMOCRACY [August 2021]. tshepodd1@gmail.com.

Will Penn. NIOKOBOK [April 2021]. @thedogearednotes.

Yu Rim Kim. FIGHT FOR DIGNITY [March 2021]. yurimi1007@gmail.com


contributors x supporters

Giulia Messmer.

Matthieu Classen.

Rocío Freytes Martín.


founders x curators

Esther & Linda. We have two hearts beating in our chests: one deeply rooted in the place where we belong, and the other longing for the unknown. We are bonded by an inner closeness and our mutual curiosity for peace, planet & people. But wherever we go, we are always guided by a strong sense for justice and the urge to give every being the deserved love and respect. Share your thoughts, dreams, & recommendations with us: belonging.txt@gmail.com