Our team

We are belonging.txt 

We are a community that develops a calendar each year which aims to accentuate different voices of activists and artists, who utilise their artwork to raise awareness about the feelings and the hindrances of ‘belonging’.

The founders 

Esther & Linda & Yu Rim. We have two hearts beating in our chests: one deeply rooted in the place where we belong, and the other longing for the unknown. We are bonded by an inner closeness and our mutual curiosity for peace, planet & people. But wherever we go, we are always guided by a strong sense for justice and the urge to give every being the deserved love and respect.

Additional Information

The founders are currently committed to registering a registered nonprofit organisation under German law (‘e.V.’). Stay tuned for more!

Artists and contributors


A special thanks to the Regional Arts Peace group to whom we dedicate the 2024 calendar. [Prologue]. Instagram @regionalartpeace.

Alije Zimberi. PERCEPTION HUMAN [November 2024]. Instagram @aliyzart.

Dalia Hashweh. ON HOPE [July 2024]. Instagram @hashdals.

Divya Bhavsar. THE FENCE [June 2024]. Instagram @d_bhavsar  |  divyabhavsar.db@gmail.com. 

Emma Bertipaglia. ON HOPE [July 2024]. Instagram @emma.berti.

Hermine Solon. STEP BY STEP [March 2024]. Instagram @hermine_solon_creation.

Jaeyeon Jo. THE QUIET ROOM [April 2024]. Instagram @20xxdiary_jy. 

Joaquín Larraín. POR FAVOR. CONTESTA. [January 2024]. Instagram @joaquinlarrain_.

Julius Nobling. FOUNDATION [February 2024]. Instagram @juno_1331.

Kawsar Meer. A GIRL BETWEEN WAR AND PEACE [May 2024]. Instagram @ka.wsar5800  |  Tiktok @user9181507878021  |  kawsarmeer2@gmail.com.

Mosaik-Haus SOE e.V.. PEACE IS A MOSAIC [October 2024]. www.mosaik.haus.

Sara Likaj. FAL DASHURI [September 2024]. Instagram @the.pixi.pixels.

Teresa Obiri. FREEDOM [Mid-year Reflection 2024]. Instagram @terryarts22  l  terryobiri99@gmail.com.

Uriel Zader. DESVELO [December 2024]. Instagram @uri.zader  l  http://urizader.com.

Wariiri Ngugi. FIKIRA THE POWER OF INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT: A CATALYST FOR PEACE [August 2024]. Instagram @9lackrafts  l  wariiringugi@gmail.com.

A special friend who wishes to remain anonymous. COVER PAGE. Translation Korean to English.

Rocío Freytes Martín. Translation Spanish to English.


Angelina Davydova. RUSSIAN MEDIA IN EXILE [March 2023]. Twitter @angelinadavydov.

Anna Schmidt. PRESS PERSON [June 2023]. Instagram @annart_jao. 

Antü Lefiguala. WEICHAFES [April 2023]. andres_mdg@hotmail.com.

Brishkay Ahmed. COVERING THE 2019 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS IN KABUL, AFGHANISTAN [August 2023]. Instagram @brishkay.

Catherine Lorent. NUDE EXPLORER ATLANTIC ISLAND [May 2023]. www.catherinelorent.net.

Emma Bertipaglia. ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENDERS [October 2023]. Instagram @doodles.by.emma10.

Ido Nahari. FINGER-WAGGING* AS A PRAXIS [July 2023]. Instagram @shmatkes.

Iryna Sopilniak. MARCH 3. DAY 8 OF THE WAR [February 2023]. Instagram @irensopilniak.

James Dann. PAKISTAN MOVES FAST [January 2023]. jamesjoeldann@gmail.com.

Vanessa Chisakula. DEMOCRACY CHECK [November 2023]. Instagram @vanessachisakula.

Yun-Pei Hsiung. ONE-MEGAPHONE PROJECT [September 2023]. www.yunpeihsiung.com.

Rocío Freytes Martín. Translation Spanish to English.


Afroditi Papadopoulou. MUSES [June 2021]. Instagram @afroditisart  |  afroditisart@outlook.com.

Aliaksei Paluyan. COURAGE [November 2021]. Instagram @aliaksei_paluyan  |  aliaksei.paluyan@gmail.com.

Amanda Cliffe. SHADES OF BEAR [February 2021]. Instagram @mandy_cliffe  |  Amanda.cliffe1@gmail.com.

Antü Lefiguala. MARI CHI WEO [July 2021]. andres_mdg@hotmail.com.

Elias Tebogo Maleka. STILL I RISE [October 2021]. isagobokamoso@gmail.com.

Emma Bertipaglia. RESILIENT ARCTIC FOX [December 2021]. Instagram @doodles.by.emma10  |  emma.berti10@gmail.com.

Erik Marquardt. WALLS [January 2021]. Instagram @erikmarquardt  |  erik@leavenoonebehind.de.

Eva Hajanal Boggioni. PÁJARO AZUL [May 2021]. espacevalparaiso@gmail.com.

IN:BETWEEN COLLECTIVE. IN:BETWEEN XS [September 2021]. Instagram @in.between.collective  |  collective.in.between@gmail.com.

Lucas Paeth. SOLIDARITY AT SEA: DROWNING OUT THE SILENCE [Epilogue 2021]. apleipzig@riseup.net.

Mina Faizi. REFUGEEES [Epilogue 2021]. minafaizi197@gmail.com.

Tschepo DD Maponyane. CONSUMED DEMOCRACY [August 2021]. tshepodd1@gmail.com.

Will Penn. NIOKOBOK [April 2021]. Instagram @thedogearednotes.

Yu Rim Kim. FIGHT FOR DIGNITY [March 2021]. yurimi1007@gmail.com.

Giulia Messmer. Contact point Search and Rescue Foundation.

Matthieu Classen. Support shop development.

Rocío Freytes Martín. Translation Spanish to English.