Our theory of change

Why do we need belonging?

We need more collective efforts towards promoting ‘belonging’ because there are too many individuals and groups whose human rights are violated, facing injustice. Among others, they are forced to hide their true identities, experience oppression and their voices being silenced. We are convinced that we can create a small yet significant safe space, where we accentuate different voices and allow for a dignified exchange. 

Our approach (values, principles and our work)

We value DIGNITY. Beloning.txt follows a rights-based and creative approach to developing the yearly calendar. Each year we choose one specific topic pertaining to human rights, where we invite different artists and contributors to share their artistic interpretations and lived experiences, in dignity. The calendars are a bridge to overcome territorial, temporal and cultural boundaries. 

We value SOLIDARITY. Belonging.txt follows a mindful, inclusive and agency-based approach to fostering a community. Each year we seek to be mindful of diversity as a criteria in selecting our artists and contributors. The community continues the spirit of solidarity beyond the pages of the calendar.

We value RESPONSIBILITY. Belonging.txt follows a sustainable and accountable approach to continuing our project over time. We reduce the footprint of our calendar by choosing and commissioning ‘dieUmweltdruckerei’ for printing. The calendar is sustainably printed, only using organic colours and recycled paper. Furthermore, we pledge to always be transparent about the communication regarding donations. Currently, the founders are preparing the registration of belonging.txt as a nonprofit organisation, to be able to operate as a liable entity.