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freedom to inform & be informed

How to feel safe, accepted and loved when

thoughts are imprisoned,
voices silenced
and realities turned into fake news?

It is a question of impossibility, considering that

[…] the right to freedom of opinion and
expression; […] [which] includes freedom
to hold opinions without interference
and to seek, receive and impart
information and ideas through any
media and regardless of frontiers
(UDHR, Art. 19)

is indispensable to realizing the fundamental rights
and freedoms, granted to everyone.


Censorship, inaccessibility, and manipulation of information not only impede our ability to 
meaning-making, but also that of claiming our rights and sustaining peace.

Emerging from the thought-provoking narratives of 12 activists who document incidents of injustice, the 2023 belonging.txt calendar will accentuate that:

Together, we – as a human family – can find a respectful approach to listening attentively, while precluding hate speech or any incitement to violence: 

we can get from longing to belonging,
if we 

#leavenoonebhind & #defendhumanrights

All revenues of this project are donated to support Reporters Without Borders, an international non-profit organisation which aims to safeguard the right to freedom of information, and thereby also reflects our calendar’s topic as well as our beliefs.