2024 belonging.txt calendar

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2023 belonging.txt calendar 'What is peace to YOUth?':

➳ Emerging from the diverse and mulit-dimensional meanings of P E A C E from the perspective of 12 youth artists from all over the world, the calendar will accentuate that:

Together, we - as a human family - can strive towards a collective meaning of peace, while acknowledging individuals' and collectives' rights and priorities.

All revenues are donated to the founders of the "What is peace to YOUth?" initiative (Regional Art Peace: learn more) to facilitate a self-organized art exhibition in Pristina, Kosovo. The youth group aims to address multidemnsional meaning of peace, recognizing its variance among youth across the Western Balkans.


➳ Sustainably printed on recycled paper.

➳ Local pickup available in Berlin.


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